Mason Seifert

Mason Seifert Photography provides photo shoots and drone videography for Southern WI.

Mason Seifert was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Son to Randy and Megan Seifert. Shortly after birth, they moved to West Dundee IL, where he attended Immanuel Lutheran School. He was active in Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and many other sports. When Mason was 10, his family relocated back to Merton WI, where he attended Merton Intermediate school. For High School, he attended Arrowhead and participated in Baseball and Tennis. While attending school, Mason kept busy working at Naga-waukee Ice Arena as an attendant, instructor and score keeper. Throughout high school, Mason created his own clothing apparel line called Source Apparel. Through this journey, Mason learned the ins and outs of running a business.

Mason Seifert is a currently a Junior, Majoring in Finance and minoring in Accounting in the Lubar School of Business at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. While in school he is doing research, which includes risk assessment and decision making in business and industry. Upon completion of his Bachelor’s degree, he plans to get a Master’s degree in Finance.

He has also found another interest and that is photography. Mason started his own photography business doing Real Estate and Wedding photography and Videography. Mason started his photography journey with just a drone. From that, Mason learned more about the photography industry and this sparked his real estate photography business. Mason has really found his niche with shooting real estate houses in Wisconsin.

Upon completion of Mason’s bachelor’s degree, he plans to continue his education by obtaining his master’s degree and from there get his Law degree. Mason hopes to have a successful career in the future that will bring to him many opportunities to travel and take photos of the many wonders of the world.


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